Photo Nights!

PHOTO NIGHTS : are at Conlon Soccer Complex
House League Players – Warm Up and Practice as usual, the photographer will come to your group.

Tuesday June 14th
6 – 7pm
– U5 House League Tuesday teams
– U7 House League Girls and Boys Teams

7 – 730pm
GLSL and ERSL teams
Doctors Field
-BU12 GLSL Perth Blue Wings (Kaitt)
-BU12 GLSL Mike Fair Warriors (Pratt)
-ERSL BU12 (Goebel)
-GU12 GLSL Barnabe’s Panthers (Caya)

Wednesday June 15th
6 – 7pm
GLSL and ERSL teams that cannot attend on Tuesday or Thursday.

– GU14 ERSL (Bain)
– GU15 ERSL (Uniacke)
– GU12 GLSL Can Tire Kix (Bullen)

Thursday June 16th
6pm – 7pm
– U5 House League Thursday Teams
– U10 House League Boys and Girls

7 – 730pm
ERSL and GLSL teams
-BU15/16 (Monkhouse)
-BU13 ERSL (Cooke)
-BU15 GLSL Knights (Atterbury)
-BU10 GLSL BMO Attack (Benner)
-BU10 GLSL RP Sting (Rauwerda)
-GU15 GLSL CC Pistols (Adams)
-GU10 GLSL Tangled Garden (Bond)

2016 photo order form soccer

Everyone is in the TEAM PHOTO – and gets one for FREE.
If you want any other individual photos taken, bring CASH, and pre-order with the Photo Price Sheets above.

The photographer will not take individual photos unless there is payment in hand!

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