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Weather Information

House League participants – we play in the rain, so if you are participating on a rainy day, please arrive at the field at the regular start time of 6pm. If there is Thunder or Lightening, field supervisors and referees will make the decision to send people off the field for 30 minutes to see if the weather passes. – if it does, we will resume on the field. If it doesn’t, participants will be sent home.
As always, parents make the decision to participate in unfavourable weather, know that our leaders and volunteers will be at the field to supervise the schedules activities.

Looking for a Team?

OCSL Perth Rocs are looking for players for the upcoming summer soccer season, aged 17+. This team plays in the top recreational division of the OCSL and is highly competitive. Interested players should contact Devon Ferrier ( or Burt James ( for more information.”

Winter Futsal Update

Winter Futsal has added two sessions!

  • Thursday March 5th (Play and Pizza Night)
  • Thursday March 12th (Play during Registration Night)

No Additional Charge for current Participants.