Long Term Player Development

At the recreational and younger elite/competitive stages, there will be far less emphasis
on scores and winning and losing.

League structure will be re-shaped to create a better pathway for young, talented
players. We are looking at competition structure models where teams and Clubs will
not have to worry about promotion and relegation, for example. Instead, the focus at
the elite level will be on developing excellent coaches and developing –and identifying
for higher levels of play—as many talented players as we possibly can.

The new program will require, we recognize, a shift in attitude on the part of many
coaches and parents who have long focused on “winning”. There will still be
competitions and games at the younger levels, of course, but the emphasis will be on
touches, skills, and developing practices that engage and make our young talented
players even better. 

LTPD Update for Parents and Caregivers

To all the parents of youth soccer players:  Please see attachment on information about what you should expect from Long Term Player Development that is going to be implemented by the OSA.  Educating the parents of our youth players plays a major role in the implementation of the Long Term Player Development Model.