Register for GLSL -Youth Recreational Soccer & Women’s 40+

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Printable 2018 GLSL Registration form – Click Here

BELOW is for 2018 Online Registration – Recreational GLSL

Fees: $170

Registering for the GLSL means you would like to be on one of the following recreational teams by age group; contact the coach named if you’d like more information. Or you would like to volunteer to run a group of kids in an age group listed. You must have at least 10-15 players to organize a new team with our club.

U10 Girls – (2008/2009) – Jeff Horne / Mark Wheeler
U10 Boys – (2008/2009) – Paul Miller / Helper Needed
U10 Boys – (2008/2009) – Tanya Peden / Helper Needed
U12 Boys – (2006/2007) – Adam Pratt / Helper Needed
U12 Girls – (2006/2007) – Ken Bond / Mark Wheeler
U14 Girls – (2005/2004) – Melanie McBride / Suzanne McFarlane
U16 Girls – (2003/2002) – Cara McNamee / Shelley & Greg Hagan
U16 Boys – (2005/2004/2003) – Brian Atterbury / Phil Cooke

40+ Women – (1977) – Rep : Jenn Hamilton

If you’d like to pay with CREDIT CARD, from the comfort of your own home .. FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. An Invoice with a Clickable Pay with Visa/CC Link will be sent to the email address you enter, so make sure you have access to that mailbox! If you haven’t received your payment link within 12-24hrs, please check your junk and/or spam folders. Payments not received within 24hrs of submitting the online registration form will be cancelled.

This Registration Form, and the statement below, as well as the Waiver, must be read, signed and dated with payment made. For online registrations, pressing the SUBMIT button means you have read and agree to the Waiver and that all information included is correct.
In consideration of the acceptance of my child/ward’s membership to House League, I, the guardian/parent, agree as follows:
1. I understand that they cannot play until after this registration form has been validated and the registration data has been entered in The Ontario
Soccer Association’s computerized registration system.
2. I have reviewed the Waiver (click here) and my signature affixed hereto, or by Checking the Terms box online, indicates my agreement with such waiver.
3. I am aware of the Perth United Soccer Club and House League bylaws, policies, rules and regulations and agree to abide by them and to be bound by
4. I accept sole responsibility for our personal possessions and athletic equipment.
By signing and dating (or submitting online) this form you agree that you have registered and will be bound to by this Legal Agreement even if you have not read this agreement.