Eastern Region Soccer League (ERSL)

erslERSL is short for Eastern Region Soccer League.

ERSL governs soccer in the eastern section of Ontario for the OSA for our Youth.

ERSL leagues offer the highest level of competition for kids ranging from 11 to 18. For those from age 8 to 10, they offer the EODL (Eastern Ontario Development League) which differs, in that it does not keep track of scores or foster competition but emphasizes skill development.

EODSA website link: https://www.eodsa.ca/

ERSL is governed by these RULES, in summary form.

ERSL website link : http://www.ersl.ca


Coaches at this level will hold Try-Outs to fill the team rosters /Fees : $195 per player

U11B – Matt Miernik
U12B – Tristyn Kaitt
U13/14B – Michael Goebel / Phil Cooke

U15/16GT2 – Curtis Bain, Kevin Fisher
U17G – Dennis Hansen